Won “Favorite of the Audience” Award in BDLA 2016


Banque du Liban held its big annual international conference in November 2016: BDL Accelerate in Beirut, Lebanon. I participated with three of my colleagues: Mohammad Korhani, Edmond Saykali and Rody Yaacoub in the HealhTech Hackathon.


The Hackathon, organized by Garage48 was included in the conference. Contestants were expected to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare sector by developing a new application within 48 hours. 21 teams from different countries competed. Contestants include professionals, experts, developers, designers, project managers, and students.

We were the only team formed only of students, where we developed “Medex”, a mobile app that allows patients to take appointments, doctors to upload reports and prescriptions, and data to be shared by authorized pharmacists and physicians.

This experience has taught me so much, and made me grow as a programmer and a problem solver.

More Info:

Garage48’s article.

Balamand’s article.

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